Get to know us!

Last Updated on - 14/03/2017


Who we are! is a one of its kind service marketplace that gives an opportunity to its users to showcase their talent and monetize their skills by selling them to legitimate buyers. Fixpocket is owned and operated by Kasova Ventures Private Limited, a company formed by a mix of experienced professionals & young entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Fixpocket operates with a goal to create a marketplace where every individual has an opportunity to display their skills and every entity has an option to utilize these skills without having to negotiate.

So, Why Join Us?

  • Fixpocket values your privacy and time! Your data is kept secure at all time and is never shared with third parties.
  • All the transactions are conducted on the Fixpocket platform. Hence you can safely communicate and exchange files through our secure messaging system.
  • The payments are kept secured during the process of delivery, forbidding any malicious activity from taking place between the buyer and the seller.
  • Our prompt customer service team is always there to rescue during any disputes that might occur between the buyer and the seller.